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Vaadin tutorial video


How to develop relevant and looking great web applications while having fun?

Vaadin is an open source Web application framework for Internet applications, that perform well and look great. It uses Java language for creating web content. In contrast to browser-plugin based solutions and JavaScript libraries, it features a server-side architecture.

Vaadin is easy to adopt, as it is designed to support advanced and entry-level programmers, graphic designers and usability experts.

Vaadin tutorial presents the basics of Vaadin 6 and 7. It is designed to be a fast watch, instead of trying to follow books and articles. 6 lessons, total length: 1 h. 20 min. This video tutorial is the best available introduction to Vaadin with a practical examples.

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  1. Vaadin Introduction (00:48)
    What is Vaadin? Browser compatibility.
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  2. Project setup (06:17)
    Environment, confguring server in Eclipse, downloading Vaadin Eclipse plugin.
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  3. Project skeleton (32:09)
    Sample Vaadin 6 project, sample Vaadin 7 project with Vaadin Eclipse plugin, basics example project of address books, subWindows.
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  4. Binding result (04:57)
    Creating sample object, creating custom container, binding table to a container.
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  5. Creating user interactions (17:58)
    Sample address book application, view navigation, table element selection, navigation tree, implementing forms, listeners, creating new data table, implementing search functionality.
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  6. Tuning the user experience (09:00)
    Mailto functionality in table, notifications, notification types, combo box usage, validators, reordering and collapsing data table.
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  7. Creating a Simple Theme (08:51)
    Creating custom Theme, margin and spacing, images, icons, css styles, Vaadin online resources.
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