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TestNG tutorial video


TestNG – testing framework designed to simplify a wide range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing. TestNG inspired by NUnit and JUnit. It introduces new innovative functionalities like grouping concept and dependency testing to make testing more powerful and easier to do.
6 lessons, total length 1 h 4 min

  1. Introduction to TestNG (00:56)
    What is TestNG? Process test steps
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  2. Annotations (02:33)
    Annotations used by TestNG for example: @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeGroups, @AfterGroups etc.
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  3. Description of testng.xml (04:53)
    DTD for testng.xml, description of testng.xml
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  4. Installation (24:06)
    TestNG Eclipse plugin, first test, TestNG reports in HTML version, running TestNG from command line
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  5. TestNG examples (20:24)
    Basic examples of TestNG with common annototions, expectedExceptions test, ignore test, time test, suite test, parameterized test, dependency test
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  6. TestNG vs JUnit. Comparison (11:44)
    Compare TestNG vs JUnit. Functionality comparison, annotation support, exception test comparison, ignore test, time test, suite test, parametrized test, dependency test, conclusion, test NG reference
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