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SQL Server Transact-SQL tutorial video


The T-SQL video tutorial explain basic and more advanced aspects of programming in Microsoft SQL Server. It focuses on practical examples. Watch this SQL Server course and learn T-SQL in 2 h 57 min.

T-SQL (Transact-SQL) is Microsoft’s proprietary extension to SQL. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standardized computer language that was developed by IBM for querying, defining and altering databases, using declarative statements. Transact-SQL expands on the SQL standard to include local variables, procedural programming, various support functions for string processing, data processing, triggers etc. and changes to the UPDATE and DELETE statements. These additional features make T-SQL Turing complete.

T-SQL is central to using SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most powerful and complex software packages. All applications that communicate with an instance of Microsoft SQL Server do so by sending T-SQL statements to the server, regardless of the user interface of the application.

  1. Create a database (15:04)
    Create a database and insert data
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  2. T-SQL Introduction (10:16)
    Unnamed blocks and comments, Concatenation and Conversion, Assigning query results to local variables, IF and CASE, Using WHILE...BREAK or CONTINUE
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  3. Views (15:11)
    Creating a View, ORDER BY in a View, Refreshing Views, ENCRYPTION and SCHEMABINDING, CHECK OPTION, Indexed Views
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  4. Stored Procedures (10:15)
    Stored Procedures Introduction, System Stored Procedures, Output Parameters
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  5. User-Defined Functions (18:33)
    User-Defined Functions Introduction, UDFs Used in DEFAULT Constraints, UDFs Used in PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE Constraints, Inline Table-Valued UDFs, Multistatement Table-Valued UDFs, Per-Row UDFs
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  6. Cursors (03:22)
    Declare, Open, Fetch, Fetch into, Close, Deallocate, @@FETCH STATUS
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  7. Triggers (21:17)
    Identifying the Type of Trigger, Triggers used with Views, DDL Triggers, Database-Level Triggers, Database-Level Triggers and XQuery expressions, Server-Level Triggers
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  8. Transactions (19:14)
    What Are Transactions? Locking and Blocking, Isolation Levels, Read Uncommitted, Read Committed, Repeatable Read, Serializable, Savepoints, Deadlocks
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  9. Error Handling (09:54)
    Error Handling with the Try Catch, Error-Handling Functions, Using XACT_STATE
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  10. sp_executesql and EXEC (07:10)
    sp_executesql, EXEC, EXEC and Environmental Settings
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  11. Dynamic SQL and refreshing views (06:50)
    sp_refreshview and sp_executesql
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  12. Dynamic pivot and unpivot (08:55)
    Pivot, Unpivot data
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  13. SQL Injections (08:50)
    Code constructed dynamically at client, code constructed dynamically at server, protecting against SQL injection
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  14. Using SQL Spatial Tools (18:51)
    Download SQL Spatial Tools, Install SQL Spatial Tools, Load the Shapefile, Test the Spatial, Convert Geometry to Geography, Transfer Data from Prestage to Production Table, Scale and Reposition AK, Scale and Reposition HI, Rectangular states
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  15. sys.sysobjects, sys.syscomments and findtext (02:59)
    How to find text using sys.sysobjects and sys.syscomments
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