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Struts2 tutorial video


Struts2 tutorial presents the Apache Struts 2 web application framework. Watch video lessons and learn how to take advantage of Struts2 to build modern, next-generation web sites.

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Apache Struts2 is extensible framework for creating Java EE web applications. It’s designed to streamline the full development cycle, from building, to deploying applications over time. The framework uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt a MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern.

Struts2 adds powerful features such as a plugin framework, JSF integration, and XML-free configuration. It represents a revolution in design and ease of use.

Struts2 tutorial presents accurate, practical information that can immediately be put to work.

  1. Struts Introduction (02:12)
    What is Struts2? Struts 2 features, Struts 2 disadvantages.
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  2. Environment Setup (48:00)
    Struts2 Environment Setup, Architecture, First Struts2 Action, Hello World Example, Logging.
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  3. Configuration Files (04:45)
    web.xml, struts.xml, struts-config.xml, struts.properties.
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  4. Actions (18:46)
    Sample action, Actions extends ActionSupport, Multiple actions.
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  5. Interceptors (19:35)
    Interceptor kinds, How to use interceptors, \\\\\\\"params\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"timer\\\\\\\" inteceptor example, Creating custom inteceptor.
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  6. Results and Result Types (03:29)
    \\\\\\\"result\\\\\\\" tag description, The dispatcher result type, FreeMarker result type, Redirect result type.
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  7. Value Stack/OGNL (04:50)
    OGNL (Object Graph Navigation Language) description, Example with Value Stack and OGNL.
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  8. Struts2 Tags (05:45)
    Control Tags: if else, iterator, merge, append, generator. Data Tags: action, include, bean, date, param, property, push, set, text, url. Form Tags: simple UI, group UI, select UI. Ajax Tags: autocompleter, datetime picker, tabbedpanel.
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  9. Exception handling (16:55)
    Exception handling, Exception handling example, Global Exception Mapping.
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  10. Validations (07:33)
    Validation with validate() method example, XML base validation example.
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  11. Annotations (14:21)
    ActionAnnotations: @Results, @Result, @Action, @Namespace. Interceptor Annotations: @After, @Before, @BeforeResult. Validation Annotations: @RequiredFieldValidator, @IntRangeFieldValidator, @DateRangeFieldValidator, @RegexFieldValidator. Type Conversion Annotations: @Conversion, @CreateIfNull, @ElementAnnotation, @KeyProperty, @TypeConversion.
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  12. Internationalization (11:24)
    Resource bundles, properties files, access the messages, i18n resources.
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  13. Database access (08:37)
    JDBC Connection example.
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  14. Hibernate Integration (11:10)
    Hibernate configuration (hibernate.cfg.xml), Hibernate example.
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  15. Spring integration (07:44)
    Spring, Spring integration example.
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