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Statistical analysis in Excel


Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for entry and manipulation of data prior to statistical analysis. The Statistical analysis in Excel tutorial presents how to use statistical formulas and functions in Excel 2010.

Statistical analysis in Excel

Statistical analysis is a process of collecting, cleaning, transforming, interpreting and presentating data with the goal of highlighting useful information and supporting decision-making.
Excel has become a standard for data storage, at least for smaller data sets. It provides a range of functions you can use to determine tendenciesvariability and correlations among other things. Some of the statistical functions are built-in, others are available after installing the Analysis ToolPak. It is a reasonable alternative to using a statistical package.

Learn how to use Excel in basic data analysis tasks and how to troubleshoot common problems. Learn Excel statistics from the very basics to choosing the right function for you. 4 lessons, total length 1 h 3 min

  1. Measures of central tendency  (18:11)
    average, median, mode, pivot chart, pivot table, index, match, array formula, formula evaluation, distribution chart, mode for categorical data
  2. Measuring variability (12:47)
    measuring variability, range, standard deviation interpretation, variance, stdev() function, var() function, average, sum, stdevp() function, meaning of standard deviation
  3. Calculating correlation coefficient (18:33)
    understanding and using correlation, correlation coefficient, correl function, covariance, Using the analysis tools: correlation tool, trend() function. getting the predicted values, using trend function for multiple regression, linest function meaning of correlation, variance interpretation
  4. Statistical hypothesis testing (13:45)
    one-way pivot tables, running the statistical test, binominal distribution, binom.dist() function, rand() function, framing the hypothesis, sampling distribution, error rate, hypothesis acceptance or rejection

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