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The Spring Framework is a popular open source application development framework for building lightweight enterprise applications. It makes Java development more effective and easy.

This tutorial is for Java and J2EE developers who want to gain a deeper knowledge of the Spring Framework and its related technologies.

When you finish this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to use Spring in everything from simple Web applications to complex enterprise applications.

12 lessons, total length 3h 48 min.

  1. Springing - basics (11:15)
    What is Spring? Dependency Injection basics, Aspect Oriented Programming basics, application context, bean life in Spring, Spring family products.
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  2. Wiring beans (20:19)
    Setting up Spring configuration, Spring namespaces, declaring a simple bean, injecting through constructors, creating beans through factory methods, bean scoping, injecting into bean properties, referencing other beans, injecting inner beans, wiring collections, wiring null, wiring with expressions.
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  3. Minimizing XML in Spring configuration (14:36)
    Kinds of autowiring, wiring with annotations, @Autowired annotation, qualifying ambiguous dependencies, @Inject annotation, using expressions with annotation injection, automatically discovering beans, filtering component-scans, Spring?s Java-based configuration.
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  4. Aspects (28:54)
    AOP terminology, dominant AOP frameworks, pointcuts, advice, passing parameters to advice, annotating aspects, passing arguments to annotated advice, Injecting AspectJ, AspectJ Eclipse plugin, AspectJ example.
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  5. Using database with Spring (29:07)
    Data access exception hierarchy, using DAO support classes, configuring a data source, Hibernate in Spring, Spring and the Java Persistence API.
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  6. Transactions (07:17)
    Understanding transactions, choosing Transaction Manager, programming transactions in Spring, declaring transactions, declaring transactions in XML, defining annotation-driven transactions.
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  7. Web applications in Spring MVC (48:05)
    Setting up Spring MVC, Configuring an annotation-driven SpringMVC, defining controllers, resolving views, tiles, Spring application context. Example Web Application,: processing form, validation (annotations validation), uploading files.
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  8. Spring Web Flow (18:14)
    Configuring WebFlow in Spring, WebFlow jars, Flow executor, flow registry , flow requests, states, transitions, state scopes,securing web flows, Pizza Flow portal example.
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  9. Spring Security (19:10)
    Spring Security modules, Spring Security namespaces, Securing web requests, Configuring minimal web security, user login configuaration. Loggin user security via jdbc, LDAP, in-memory, Spring security Expression Language, configuring login password, remember me functionality, securing method. JSR-250 annotation, security pointcuts.
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  10. REST Model (13:55)
    The fundamentals of REST, how Spring supports REST, RESTless, RESTful, message converters, writing REST clients, exploring RestTemplate\\\'s operations, manipulating resources, submitting RESTful forms.
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  11. Messaging in Spring (10:09)
    Introduction to JMS, architecting JMS, setting up a message broker in Spring, Spring\\\'s JMS template, creating message-driven POJOs, message-based RPC.
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  12. Odds and ends (06:56)
    Externalizing configuration, wiring JNDI objects, sending email, scheduling and background tasks, cron, useful resources.
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