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Reporting Services tutorial video


Reporting Services video tutorial presents how to create, manage, and share reports. Watch Reporting Services lessons and learn by practical examples. 9 lessons, total length 1 hour 55 minutes.

Microsoft Reporting Services (RS) is the part of Microsoft SQL Server that adds a server-based reporting solution to the business intelligence (BI) framework.

The goal of Reporting Services video tutorial is to guide you through the configuration of Reporting Services and through stages of the reporting life cycle. Find out, how to easily create, manage, and share reports in your company. When you watch all lessons, you’ll be ready to tackle reporting challenges!

  1. Reporting Services Introduction (22:57)
    Creating database, Inserting data into tables, Using the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, Building First Report, Exporting a Report
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  2. Using Report Designer - Developing Basic Reports (11:27)
    Creating a view, Creating a New Report Project, Creating a New Report, Connecting to a Data Source, Adding Items from the Toolbox and Working with Datasets, Coloring table headers, Sorting Table Rows, Grouping Data in a Table, Computing Group Subtotals - Creating Calculated Fields
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  3. Working with Expressions (16:01)
    Changing the header color, Using Aggregate Functions, Using formating options, Using Global Variables (Built-in Fields), Using Conditional Formatting, Sort detail rows using an expression
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  4. Using a Matrix, Using a Chart (09:16)
    Adding a Chart, Grouping Data by Series
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  5. Using Parameters (16:26)
    Adding a Report Parameter, Add a default value, Adding a Query Parameter, Supplying Values for a Query Parameter, Define a list of available values for a report parameter, Add a dataset for report parameter values, Adding Actions, Using the ToggleItem Property
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  6. Adding a Subreport (11:35)
    Creating a main report, Creating a subreport, Nesting a subreport in a table
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  7. Using Analysis Services data in a report (06:00)
    Creating an OLAP cube, Creating and using an Analysis Services Data Source and Dataset,
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  8. Managing Content (10:34)
    Publishing Reports, Uploading Reports, Moving Content, Working with Data Sources, Implementing Cached Instances, Working with Shared Schedules,
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  9. Using Report Server Security (10:09)
    Creating a system users, Creating a SQL logins, Add a Browser role assignment, Add a Content Manager role assignment, Applying Item Security, Applying System Security
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