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PostgreSQL tutorial video


Do you wonder how to get started using PostgreSQL with minimal hassle?

This step-by-step video tutorial with plenty of tips delivers immediate results. It’s up to you – to spend long hours reading a book or to start using tens PostgreSQL functionalities fast and effectively – all in this one course.

You can get familiar with all the unique functionalities it offers in 2 hours or learn one of the functionality you need in just a few minutes.

This PostgreSQL tutorial contains easy-to-understand instructions for administrators and developers. Code-based examples make it easy to understand how to use PostgreSQL features. Watch this 9 lessons and start using PostgreSQL. 9 lessons, total length 1 h 55 min. This tutorial is suited to those who have basic SQL knowledge.

PostgreSQL is the most powerful open-source relational database management system. It became a functionally-rich and enterprise-ready database used by organizations all over the world. PostgreSQL allows you to write stored procedures in several programming languages. It’s free to use.

  1. Installation (02:31)
    WAPP package installation (Apache Web Server, PHP, PostgreSQL)
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  2. PostgreSQL and PHP (06:49)
    using phpPgAdmin, create database, connect to database, create table, insert data into table with PHP, display table data on website
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  3. Database Administration (29:10)
    connecting to a PostgreSQL server, configuration files: postgresql.conf, pg_hba.conf, pg_ident.conf, reload the configuration files, create account, create role, create database, creating and using a template database, using schemas, permissions, grant select, grant execute, extensions and contribs, installing extensions, backup database: pg_dump, restore database, pg_restore, terminate connection, managing disk space with tablespaces: create tablespace, moving objects between tablespaces
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  4. PSQL (10:17)
    create script, run a script, session configurations, psqlrc file, autocommit, lists and structures, reporting, basic html reports, set command, histsize parameter, unset command, executing shell commands, importing and exporting data
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  5. Using pgAdmin (10:58)
    create databases, set permissions, back up database, pgScript, graphical explain plan
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  6. Data Types (22:53)
    numeric data types, serial, generate_series(), arrays, array_agg(), array slicing and splicing, character types, string functions: lpad(), rpad(), trim(), split_part(), string_to_array(), unnest(), regular expressions and pattern matching, regexp_replace(), temporal data types, XML data type, custom data types
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  7. Tables and Constraints (10:16)
    serial type, table inheritance, create type, foreign key, unique constraints, check constraints
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  8. Functions (16:17)
    create or replace functions, functions with SQL, return values, PL/pgSQL functions, trigger functions: create trigger
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  9. PostgreSQL Way (05:39)
    distinct on, limit, offset, casting, ilike operator, set returning functions, sequences, subquery
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