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PL/SQL Oracle optimization


Approximately 80% of all Oracle performance problems are resolved by coding optimal PL/SQL.

Learn Oracle tuning techniques in 2 hours. Explore real-world advice and techniques from practitioners.

Oracle optimization and performance tuning begins with design. In many cases, the core performance problem in a Oracle application has been designed into the system. There is a lot you can do to increase the performance of Oracle databases significantly. You may be able to identify the most resource-intensive parts of the application, focusing future tuning efforts on specific database parameters or PL/SQL statements. Database tuning is crucial in any modern database systems.

Learn Oracle optimization video tutorial: 10 lessons, 2 hours 2 minutes.

  1. Import data into the database (03:30)
    External table
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  2. Indexes (10:21)
    Using a table without indexes, Create a index by creating a primary key constraint, Creating an Index, Creating a Bitmap Index, Placing an Index in the Database, Rebuilding an Index, Function-Based Indexes
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  3. Partitioning and Creating an Index-Organized Table (15:06)
    Creating an Index-Organized Table, Creating a Partitioned Table, Creating a hash partition, List Partitioning, Creating Subpartitions, Indexing Partitions
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  4. Generating and Reading Explain Plans (06:01)
    Display the reading explain plan
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  5. Joins (11:22)
    Operations That Perform Joins, Merge Join, Nested Loops and Hash Join
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  6. Parallelism and Implementing Stored Outlines (07:38)
    Implementing Stored Outlines, Parallelism
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  7. Using Oracle Text for Text Searches (29:42)
    Adding Text to the Database, Text Queries and Text Indexes, Text Queries, Searching for an Exact Match of a Word, Searching for an Exact Match of Multiple Words, Searching for an Exact Match of a Phrase, Searches for Words That Are Near Each Other, Using Wildcards During Searches, Searching for Words That Share the Same Stem and Searching for Fuzzy Matches, Searches for Words That Sound Like Other Words, Using the ABOUT Operator, Index Synchronization
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  8. Tuning - Best Practices (20:33)
    Do as Little as Possible, Do It as Simply as Possible, Tell the Database What It Needs to Know, Maximize the Throughput in the Environment, Test Correctly
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  9. REF Cursors and SYS RefCursors (08:55)
    Cursor type as function/procedure result, ref cursor, sys_refcursor
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  10. Materialized views refresh fast on commit (08:45)
    Materialized view log with rowid, fast-refreshable materialized views, refresh fast on commit, refreshing view
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