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Photoshop tutorial video


The Photoshop course presents how to use this program to edit your photos.
Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and wonderful graphics program created and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
This training video explains the basic aspects of using Photoshop. This Photoshop video tutorial is the best way to get started. 8 lessons, total length 1 hour. Learn tricks and tips, create fantastic effects, and learn how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively.

  1. Straightening Crooked Photos (02:08)
    Straightening Crooked Photos
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  2. From Color to grayscale and Duotone (05:21)
    Desaturate, Black And White, Custom Grayscale Using Channel Mixer, Creating duotone
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  3. When You Forget to Use Fill Flash and Fixing Underexposed Photos (10:13)
    Fixing Underexposed Photos, When You Forget to Use Fill Flash
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  4. Color Correcting One Problem Area Fast (08:15)
    change the color in one area of the photo
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  5. Using Color for Emphasis (04:41)
    Using Color for Emphasis
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  6. Focus Vignette Effect (03:25)
    Another technique for focusing attention
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  7. Digital-Camera Image Problems and Retouching Porttaits (12:04)
    Instant Red Eye Removal, Transforming a Frown into a Smile, Removing Blemishes and Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes, Changing Eye Color
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  8. Repairing Keystoning and Replacing the Sky (09:27)
    Repairing Keystoning, Replacing The Sky
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