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Perl tutorial video


Do you know why Perl is the best language for text processing?

Watch video lessons with practical examples and learn Perl in 1 h 50 min.

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Perl is a general-purpose, high-level programming language ideally suited to handling and manipulating text. It allows to do a lot by writing very little. This ability allows you to write scripts in a very natural manner.

Perl is portable and cross-platform, offering optimum flexibility, perfect for short, straightforward scripting. The ease and power of Perl’s pattern matching is the main reason why Perl is so popular. Regular expressions in Perl are powerful and allow you to look for patterns in data. Perl version: 5.16; platform: Windows

  1. Perl basics (22:04)
    Perl introduction, Variables, Numbers, Numeric literals, Strings, String literals, Print statement, chomp() operator, Scalar variables, Comparison operators, IF Control Structure: If Else, User input: STDIN, Defined function, Loops: While loop and For loop
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  2. Lists and Arrays (28:21)
    List, Range operator, qw shortcut, List assignment, Pop operator, Push operator, Shift operator, Unshift operator, Splice operator, Interpolating Arrays into Strings, Foreach control structure, Reverse operator, sort operator, Scalar and List context
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  3. Subroutines (14:33)
    User-defined functions, Defining a subroutine, Invoking a subroutine, Return values, Return Operator, Private variables, Pass an argument, Persistent variables
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  4. Input and Output, Files (27:05)
    Input from standard input, , Diamond operator <>, Standard output, STDOUT, Printf function, Files, Writing files, Appending to files, Reading Files, Reading lines into an array, Reading a file into one variable, Reading directories, Editing files, Recursive editing
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  5. Regular Expressions in Perl (17:44)
    Using patterns, Unicode properties, Metacharacters, Simple quantifiers: star, plus, question mark, Grouping in patterns, Character classes, Regular expression examples, Substitution operator, Remembering matched values, Matching using Variables
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