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Oracle – working with external files


This Oracle video tutorial explains basic and more advanced aspects of importing and exporting data in Oracle 11g. External tables and SQL*Loader are a very effective and useful mechanisms. The generation xml files, loading BLOB and CLOB into database are often found issue in various types of programs. Now, you can get this knowledge in 35 minutes. 7 lessons prepared by an expert will teach you all you need to know about importing and exporting files in Oracle.

  1. Importing a file into a BLOB datatype (05:48)
    Import BLOB Contents, Updating an existing BLOB
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  2. Exporting the contents of a BLOB datatype to the filesystem (04:40)
    Using Java to export the BLOB
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  3. Working with CLOB (06:05)
    Import CLOB Contents, Updating an existing CLOB, Export CLOB Contents
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  4. Using external tables (06:01)
    Creating an External Table, External tables and XML files
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  5. External tables containing CLOB and BLOB data (03:13)
    External tables and CLOB data, External tables and BLOB data
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  6. XML generation in Oracle (05:12)
    Basic XML Generation, SYS_XMLGEN and SYS_XMLAGG
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  7. Using SQL*LOADER to load data (04:15)
    Using SQL*Loader to Load File
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