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MongoDB tutorial video


The MongoDB video tutorial presents how to use MongoDB: document-oriented NoSQL database system.

NoSQL (Not only SQL) is an alternative model for database management system, designed to make it more flexible by simplifying data models. Document-based data model can represent rich, hierarchical data structures without complicated multi-tables joins. It’s the application code – not the database system – thet enforces the structure of data, which allows to speed up application development when the schema is changing frequently. Since it’s modelled as a document, new attributes can be added dynamically and no joins are required.
MongoDB combines the best features of key-value stores and relational databases.

Watch MongoDB video tutorial and learn MongoDB and NoSQL with practical examples. 5 lessons, total length 54 minutes.

  1. MongoDB installation and theory (06:45)
    NoSQL, document-oriented database, collection, MongoDB installation, connection do database
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  2. MongoDB introduction (09:30)
    MongoDB shell, mongod, use database, inserting data, selecting data, save, insert, find, query selector, updating data, update, deleting data, remove, drop, operators: set, unset
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  3. Advanced MongoDB (21:05)
    creating complex documents, joining documents, cursor variable, documents iterating, operators: push, addToSet, each, pop, rename, limit, it, hasNext, printJSON, skip, sort, lt, lte, gt, gte, in, nin, all, distinct, count, boolean operators: ne, not, or, and, exists
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  4. MongoDB performance and administration (09:25)
    database performance, indexing, index, explain, properties: nscanned, nscannedObjects, nYields, nChunkSkips, isMultiKey, indexOnly; getIndexes, uniqueIndex, mongodump, mongorestore, mongoexport, mongoimport, mongosniff, mongostat, show dbs, show collections, system.indexes, db.stats
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  5. MongoDB and PHP (06:30)
    PHP driver installation, php_mongo.dll, php.ini modificaations, writing and running example PHP script
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