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MDX tutorial video


Do you want to learn MDX in 2 h 23 min?

The MDX video tutorial presents how to use Multidimensional Expressions to extract Business Intelligence from multidimensional cubes.

Learning MDX will allow you to take advantage of the more advanced features of SSAS to create exactly the dataset you need. Watch MDX video course and learn by practical examples.

MDX (MultiDimensional Expressions) is a query language for OLAP databases and designed to provide an effective way of querying multidimensional data. MDX is used to interact with data in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes. Business data analysis provides a valuable insight into its operations and new opportunities can be identified.

MDX commands are designed specifically to retrieve data as multidimensional data structures and can process one, two, three, or more dimensions in queries. MDX expressions are composed of values, statements, functions, identifiers and operators that SSAS can evaluate to retrieve a scalar value (number, string) or an object (member, set).

This MDX video training is the best way to get started. 8 lessons, total length 2 h 23 min.

  1. Analysis Services introduction (29:30)
    Creating data warehouse, Creating OLAP cube: Dimensions, Hierarchies, Measures
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  2. Introduction to MDX (09:05)
    Select, Columns, Rows, Axis, Members, Nonempty, AddCalculatedMembers, AllMembers
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  3. Working with sets (17:40)
    Children, Members, Descendants, Crossjoin, Filter
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  4. Working with expressions (14:20)
    Calculated members, With member, With set, Format_String, Solve_order, IIF, Currentmember, Count, Existing, Generate
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  5. MDX functions (18:15)
    Order, BASC and BDESC flags, Range operator (:), TopCount, Item, BottomCount, Head, Tail, Union, Intersect, Except, Extract
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  6. Performing aggregations (16:45)
    Sum, Aggregate, Avg, Min, Max, Count, IncludeEmpty and ExcludeEmpty flags, DistinctCount
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  7. Navigating hierarchies (22:05)
    Parent, Children, FirstChild, LastChild, Siblings, FirstSibling, LastSibling, CurrentMember, Rank, Ancestor, Ascendants, Descendants, Cousin, Hierarchize, PrevMember, NextMember, Lag, Lead
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  8. Working with time (14:55)
    PeriodsToDate, YTD, QTD, MTD, WTD, LastPeriods, ParallelPeriod
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