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JUnit tutorial video


JUnit is an open sourceĀ unit testing framework for the Java language. JUnit has been very important in the development of test-driven development.

JUnit has been designed for the purpose of writing and running tests in Java.

Unit tests ensure that code is validated and working as intended.
6 lessons, total length 43 min.

  1. jUnit Introduction (01:26)
    What is JUnit? Why use a testing framework? Benefits for you.
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  2. Downloading and installation (03:03)
    Where is JUnit to download? Steps of installation: configuring CLASSPATH to jUnit jar file.
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  3. jUnit Basics (17:29)
    Import libraries, convention of testcase, simple test example, interfaces for the TestRunner, run testcase, jUnit Eclipse plugin.
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  4. Intermediate examples (17:30)
    Examples of manipulation strings, binary representation of the sum ASCII values example, exceptions in jUnit.
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  5. Useful resources for jUnit (02:23)
    Description of several useful links for JUnit
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  6. Annotations and assert statements (01:11)
    Annotations available in JUnit 4 and description of assert statements
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