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JSF tutorial video


Do you want to learn JSF in the fastest and most effective way?

The JavaServer Faces tutorial video presents how to use one of the common Web application framework and learn basic JSF syntax. This tutorial is broken into 15 lessons, total length 4 hours 21 minutes.

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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java-based Web application framework intended to simplify development integration of web-based user interfaces.
JavaServer Faces is a standardized technology which was formalized in a specification through the Java Community Process. It is part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.

  1. Introduction to JSF (05:02)
    What is JSF, advantages of JSF, disadvantages of JSF
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  2. Instalation, Setup and Getting started (53:34)
    Requirements for Running JSF 2.0, software needed, first project of JSF
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  3. Programming Basics (12:12)
    Simple JSF Flow, managed beans, common beginner problems
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  4. Managed beans (23:47)
    Managed beans, properties, bean scopes, manged properties
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  5. Explicit page navigation and faces-config.xml (13:05)
    Description of faces-config.xml, navigation rules, wildcards in navigation rules, conditional navigation rules, common navigation problems
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  6. Expression Language (24:22)
    Advantages of expression laguages, nested beans properties, setter and getter methods, submitting bean properties, expression language operators
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  7. Properties Files ans Internationalization (I18N) (16:34)
    Display fixed strings, resource bundle elements, parametrized messages, params, internationalization
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  8. Handling GUI (Application) Events (19:23)
    Types of Event Listeners, using listeners, Value Change Listeners
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  9. Integrated Ajax Support (14:04)
    Ajax, f:ajax tag, f:ajax attributes.
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  10. Validating User Input  (18:36)
    Validation in action Controller (manual validation), standard system for error messages, validator tags, custom validation
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  11. Looping (11:14)
    Using h:dataTable, using ui:repeat
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  12. Composite Components (13:09)
    Making composite components, components with attributes, handling relative URLs in components, nested components
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  13. Templates (17:08)
    Basic steps of templates, using ui:include
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  14. View, Params, GET Requests (11:52)
    f:viewParam tag, h:link, h:button tags, sending data from non- JSF Apps
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  15. Spring in JSF (07:10)
    What is Spring, example of Spring in JSF
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