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Integration Services tutorial video


SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is the platform used to help you implement data integration process applications among your business application system’s files and databases. Integration Services is much more than a simple ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. SSIS enables application developers and database administrators to design, implement, and manage complex, high-performance ETL applications.

Using Integration Services, you can select data from many sources, join, cleanse, merge, augment, calculate, derive and perform just about any other function and operation required for your data integration applications. Integration Services also provides procedures to automate many of the administrative functions for SQL Server databases, tables, OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) Cubes, and many other functions for components of SQL Server.

This Integration Services video course helps you learn the many features of SSIS. 5 lessons, total length 2 hour 14 minutes.

  1. Integration Services Introduction (13:51)
    Creating a New Integration Services Project, Adding an OLE DB connection manager, Add an Flat File connection manager, Creating a Data Flow, Execute SQL Task, Execute the package
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  2. Using Data Flow Transformations (23:36)
    File to import, Adding a Conditional Split Transformation, Adding a Derived Column transformation, Multicast - Sending Output to Different Destinations, Using an Office Excel connection manager and adding a Data Conversion transformation
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  3. Applying SSIS to Data Warehousing (1:17:34)
    creating databese, creating tables, database schema, inserting a sample data, creating an Analysis Services project, creating a data source, creating a data source view, adding measures, creatng a dimensions, creating an OLAP cube, processing a cube, loading data from textfiles, loading data from other database, loading data from Excel file, transform data, inserting data into facts table, loading dimension tables by using SSIS package, adding an Analysis Services Processing Task
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  4. Using Sequence Container and Scripting Task (10:36)
    Export data to text file, Adding a Sequence Container, Adding a Variable, Using Scripting Task
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  5. Looping over files with Foreach Loop Container (08:20)
    Using Foreach Loop Container, Load multiple files to database
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