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Informatica PowerCenter tutorial video


Informatica PowerCenter is an integration tool that supports all the steps of extraction, transformation and load (ETL) process. It is used in building enterprise data warehouses. Informatica has got visual interface so you just need to drag and drop different objects (transformations) and design dataflow.

The Informatica PewerCenter (version 9.5.1) video tutorial explain basic aspects of creating ETL process. It focuses on practical examples. Watch this course and learn Informatica PowerCenter in 2 h 6 min.

  1. Creating database (07:30)
    Database schema, creating project folder
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  2. Creating simple data flow (19:20)
    Mapping, creating source definition, working with Source Analyzer, importing source from database, creating target definition, import target from database, creating simple mapping, creating workflow, executing workflow, workflow monitor
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  3. Mapping (11:47)
    Expression transformation, linking ports, mapping properties, propagating port attributes, importing and exporting objects
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  4. Transformation overview: Source Qualifier, Expression, Filter, Router, Sorter (28:55)
    Source Qualifier transformation properties, using Expression transformation, using Filter transformation, using Router transformation, using Sorter transformation
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  5. Transformation overview: Joiner, Lookup, Aggregator, Rank, Stored procedure, Update Strategy (48:18)
    using Joiner transformation, using Lookup transformation, using Aggregator, using Rank transformation, using Stored procedure transformation, using Update Strategy transformation
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  6. Variables and Parameters (09:58)
    Defining a variable in mapping level, defining a variable in workflow level, Assignment task, presession assignment, finding errors
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