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Hibernate tutorial video


Why is Hibernate so popular?
Because it automates a tedious task – persisting your Java objects to a relational database.
If Hibernate makes Java-based, data-persistence, so incredibly easy to perform, then why do all of the most popular resources make this technology so hard to learn? Learning Hibernate doesn’t have to be hard anymore. This video tutorial will teach you how to use Hibernate to develop your applications in simple and easy steps. Building upon straightforward examples that make even the most difficult topics easy to understand, this tutorial explores all of the key concepts of Hibernate framework. The material is presented in a lively, example-based manner — not a theoretical, hard-to-read way.
Also available is all code from the tutorial.
11 lessons, total length 2 hours 47 minutes.

  1. Introduction to Hibernate (06:33)
    Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), Origins of Hibernate and Object-Relational, Hibernate as a Persistence Solution, Hibernate Session Factory example, Mappings.
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  2. Integrating and Configuring Hibernate (14:33)
    Required Libraries for Running Hibernate, JMX and Hibernate, Hibernate Configuration, Hibernate Properties, XML Configuration, Annotated Classes, Hibernate with MySQL example, Using a Container-Managed Data Source, The Session Factory, SQL Dialects.
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  3. Building a Simple Application (24:51)
    Required tools, hibernate.cfg.xml, POJOs, DAO, creating objects to database insert creating DB schema, Ant tasks.
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  4. The Persistence Life Cycle (08:26)
    Introduction to the Life Cycle, entities, classes, and names, identifiers, entities and Associations, saving entities, object equality and identity loading entities, refreshing entities, updating entities, deleting entities, cascading operations, lazy loading, proxies, and collection wrappers, querying objects.
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  5. An Overview of Mapping (08:08)
    Why Mapping Cannot Be Automated, Primary Keys, Lazy loading, Associations, Other Information Represented in Mappings.
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  6. Mapping with Annotations (23:12)
    Cons of Annotations, Pros of Annotations, Using Annotations in Your Application, JPA 2 Persistence Annotations, Generating Primary Key Values with @SequenceGenerator, Generating Primary Key Values with @TableGenerator, Compound Primary Keys with @Id, @IdClass, or @EmbeddedId, Database Table Mapping with @Table and @SecondaryTable, Persisting Basic Types with @Basic, Omitting Persistence with @Transient, Mapping Properties and Fields with @Column, Mapping an Embedded (Component) One-to-One Association, Mapping a Conventional One-to-One Association, Mapping a Many-to-One or One-to-Many Association, Other JPA 2 Persistence Annotations, Configuring the Annotated Classes, Beginning Hibernate, Second Edition.
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  7. Creating Mappings with Hibernate XML Files (26:30)
    Hibernate Types, The Anatomy of a Mapping File, Mappings Elements, Mapping Simple Classes, Mapping Composition, XML mapping project example.
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  8. Using the Session (17:06)
    Sessions, Transactions, ACID, Locking, Deadlocks, Caching, Threads.
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  9. Searches and Queries (21:54)
    Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Bulk Updates and Deletes with HQL, Named Queries for HQL and SQL, Using Native SQL, HQL Example with ANT.
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  10. Advanced Queries Using Criteria (07:14)
    Using the Criteria API, Using Restrictions with Criteria, Paging Through the Result Set, Obtaining a Unique Result, Sorting the Query?s Results, Associations, Distinct Results, Projections and Aggregates, Query By Example (QBE).
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  11. Filtering the Results of Searches (09:06)
    Defining and Attaching Filters, Using Filters in Your Application.
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