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Data Warehouse tutorial video


Data Warehouse tutorial helps you learn the many features of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Excel and databases. 6 lessons, total length 1 hour 34 minutes.

A data warehouse (DW or DWH)  depending on its size and scope, is a collection of many important data, usually obtained from different sources. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides the ability to ETL (extract, load and transform) as well as maintain DW.

A DW is usually the core component of a Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure for today’s companies.

A DW is designed for data reporting. Analytical tools such as KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards, ad-hoc reporting systems and pre-defined reports will read data from either an online analytical processing (OLAP) or relational data warehouse cubes. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides a platform to define OLAP cubes and pre-defined aggregations. Cubes are easy to navigate. Queries run with optimal performance and support complex calculations that would otherwise be difficult to perform and slow.

  1. Data Warehouse introduction (08:18)
    what is Data Warehouse, what is a cube, dimension, measure. what is OLAP, what is ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) package, what is BI (Business Intelligence)
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  2. Creating a database (11:00)
    creating databese, creating tables, inserting a sample data, database schema
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  3. Creating an OLAP cube (15:53)
    creating an AS (Analysis Services) project, creating a data source, creating a data source view, creatng a dimensions, adding measures, creating an OLAP cube, processing a cube
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  4. Creating an ETL process (49:48)
    viewing source data, creating an SSIS (Integration Servces) project, loading data from other database, loading data from textfiles, loading data from Excel file, transform data, loading dimension tables by using SSIS package, inserting data into facts table, adding an Analysis Services Processing Task
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  5. Working with jobs (03:40)
    creating a job, creating a new step, scheduling a job
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  6. Using a Pivot Table (05:10)
    creating a pivot table in Excel, using a pivot table, create a pivot chart in Excel, using a pivot chart
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