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Crystal Reports tutorial video


The SAP Crystal Reports video tutorial presents how to create, use and format reports. Watch Crystal Reports training and learn by practical examples. 9 lessons, total length 2 h 10 min.

Crystal Reports is a reporting solutions which enables to design reports by connecting to any data source e.g. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, Excel spreadsheets, flat files etc. We can create formulas with table fields, operators, functions in Crystal syntax which can be then placed on the design surface.

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application that enables organisations to deliver detailed information and help them make better decisions. The graphical designer lets us create reports in fast and easy way and minimizes the time-consuming programming normally associated with reports development.

  1. Crystal Reports Introduction (30:08)
    Creating database, Inserting Data into tables, Creating a user, Creating a first report, Creating a OLE.DB Connection, Creating a ODBC Connection, Creating a second report
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  2. Sorting and Grouping Data (18:48)
    Creating a view, Creating a report, Sorting Report Data, Grouping Related Data, Inserting summary, Inserting MIN, MAX and AVG
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  3. Using formulas and parameters to retrieve data (07:41)
    Using formulas to retrieve data, Using parameter fields to retrieve data at runtime, Using the parameters in the title of the report, Creating multiple values parameters
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  4. Using subreports (25:19)
    Creating a view, Creating report and subreport, Linking subreport, Creating unlinked subreports
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  5. Using blank report and using templates (05:04)
    Using blank report, Using templates
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  6. Using charts and maps (13:02)
    Creating a report with chart, creating a view, Adding a map, Using the map
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  7. Creating Cross-Tab report (04:49)
    Creating first Cross-Tab report, format a Cross-Tab report, changing the appearance of Cross-Tab report
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  8. Adding formulas to report (18:07)
    Creating report with formula, Creating a Custom Function, Using a Standard Functions, Using a formatting formula and IF expression, IF-THEN-ELSE expression, Select Case expression, For loop expression, Creating the Running Totals Fields
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  9. Changing to a diffrent table and using a Crystal Viewer (11:16)
    Viewing the SQL Query and Changing to a Different Table, Exporting to Different File Formats, Installing a Crystal Viewer, Using a Crystal Viewer
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