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Analysis Services tutorial video


The Analysis Services video tutorial presents: how to create, manage and share OLAP cube, dimensions, measures and how to integrate relational and online analytical processing (OLAP) data for business intelligence (BI).
Find out how to use multidimensional expressions to create new measures, how to create key performance indicators (KPIs), and actions.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is the multidimensional OLAP part of Microsoft SQL Server. SSAS is used to create business intelligence projects and data warehousing.
KPI is a set of calculations (MDX expressions, calculated members) associated with cube measures, used to gauge business success. Actions are context commands which allow to launch e.g. external application with a selected item as a parameter.

This course shows how to create a role, control access to cubes, restrict the data that a user can see, and how to monitor cube performance.

Watch Analysis Services video course and learn by practical examples. This Analysis Services video training helps you learn the many features of Analysis Services and is the best way to get started.
11 lessons, total length 150 minutes.

  1. Analysis Services introduction (29:30)
    Creating data warehouse, Creating OLAP cube: Dimensions, Hierarchies, Measures
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  2. Working with Dimensions (12:36)
    Create a Parent-Child Dimension, Create a level naming template for a parent-child hierarchy, Remove the All level and hide the Unknown member, Hide attribute hierarchies
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  3. Designing Aggregations (16:38)
    Create an aggregation design, Inspect Aggregations, Change Partition Counts, Optimize Aggregations, Use the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard
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  4. Managing Partitions (12:32)
    Create Partitions, Process Partitions, Close Visual Studio Project, Import Analysis Services 2008 Database
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  5. Managing OLAP processing (13:29)
    Process a Dimension, Process a Cube, Use Incremental Update, Full Process, Process Data, Process Structure
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  6. Automatically processing a cube periodically and using pivot table (11:44)
    Create SSIS Package, Create job, Review job, Create Pivot Chart in Excel, Create Pivot Chart in Excel, Creating a simple role
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  7. Managing Security Role (09:55)
    Create an Analysis Services role, Full Restrict Access to a Dimension, Restrict Access to Specific Members of a Dimension, Enable visual totals
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  8. Using MDX (12:25)
    Create an MDX Calculation for Percent of Total, Create an MDX Calculation for Percent of Parent, Create iif expression, Create AVG Measure, Create Nested calculated member
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  9. Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (14:45)
    Create a simple key performance indicator, Use MDX Expressions with Key Performance Indicators
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  10. Implementing Actions (08:20)
    Implement URL action, Add Drillthrough
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  11. Monitoring Cube Activity (08:10)
    Use SQL Server Profiler to monitor queries, Use the Performance Monitor, Monitor a performance counter
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